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  Welcome to Crameda AG – Industrial Drives  
  Crameda Industrial Drives has its origin in Oerlikon Contraves AG, a Swiss based Industrial Group of Companies.
Contraves Drives was spun off and subsequently acquired by Crameda AG.
  We specialise in project engineering, supply and maintenance of industrial drives and safety devices. In close cooperation with innovative OEMs, we configure and customise products, frequently aimed at replacing legacy products of Contraves Drives.  
  Functional safety requirements of industrial drives, are met by integration of safety modules by DINA Electronics.  
  Crameda Service Engineers support our customers worldwide.  
  Call us +41 71 370 01 15 or +41 79 488 84 06 - Mr Winfried Liebold (w.liebold@crameda.com) will be happy to advise you.  
  contraves drives   Contraves Drives is the Trademark for Contraves Antriebstechnik, now owned by Crameda AG.  
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