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  Spares and Repairs for Contraves Drives Products  
  We offer spare parts and repairs for most of Contraves Drives products.  
  AC Drives  
  - digiSTAR and digiVEC  
  AC Motors  
  - Types: ACB, ACC, ACD, CAD, CAS, CAX  
  DC Drives  
  - DDA, digiDRIVE  
  - ADB, Varidyn, Varidyn Compact  
  - VDB, EGB, EHB  
  - SDB, NC710, NC720  
  DC Motors  
  - Types: GN, GS, GF, GB, GK, GLF, CG  
  For many Contraves Drives products which are no longer manufactured, we offer substitute products to keep valuable equipment running.  
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