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  DC Motors from Sicme Motori  
  Electric motors for industrial applications  
  Downloads: Catalogues DC motors   pdf  
      For general purpose:
P-NP Series
  P-NP Series
  Power from 0,5 to 2600kW  
  Shaft height from 80 to 800mm  
  Fully laminated frame  
  All mounting arrangements and cooling systems available  
  CSA certification and mark available  
  NEMA Standards available  
  EC60034 Standards  
      For heavy duty:
SM-ML Series
  SM-ML Series
  Power up to 450kW  
  Steel mill heavy duty motors  
  SM802-804: steel fabricated, split frame  
  ML806-818: fully laminated frame, not split, with compensating winding  
  Ratings, specific operating features and outline dimensions according to AISE St. No. 1 – revised Sept. 1968  
      Explosion proof:
C Series
  C Series ATEX
  Power from 0,16 to 35kW  
  Supply voltage from 110 to 440V  
  IIB + IIC certified by CESI  
  EN60034 Standards, 94/9/EC (ATEX Directive)  
  IEC-EX and EAC (ex Russia) available  
      Solutions for traction systems:
DC-AC Series
  DC-AC Series
  For long/medium distance vehicles and tramlines  
  Skyrail cableways, funicular railways  
  Revision and repairing DC / AC MV Motors  
  Coil windings production, stator and rotor rewind  
  Supplies and service for the main european producers and users  
  Power up to 700 kW  
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